Go therefore and make disciples...

"Mosaico Church is an odd name. What does it mean?"

mosaico / (mo SIGH ik oh) / noun, Spanish
1. An artistic work made with small, irregular and broken pieces. Only when the individual pieces are organized by the artist do they take on form and beauty. 
2. A church where you find diverse and broken people, gathered and restored by God to reflect the image of Christ in the world.

The Mission

Historically, true revival happens in a place where there are men and women making disciples, who make disciples, who are also making disciples. Once that third layer of discipleship is happening, we witness a mighty Gospel movement.
Our mission statement is this: Make disciples, that make disciples, that make disciples. 

The Vision

We are creating a place where multiple generations can grow and worship together, where language and culture do not separate us. We are  a mosaic formed by God, united by the Great Commission.

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